About the Journal

CUJ is a biannual double-blind-peer-reviewed scientific Journal.

The e-ISSN is: 2313-9501

CUJ appears on the official website (www.cujournal.com.ar)

CUJ is not copyrighted, and authors are free to use their material elsewhere.

CUJ doesn't charge article submission, processing, and publications fee from the authors.

Open Access Statement

CUJ promotes gender equality, and if we must choose a reduced number of articles to be published per issue, we will seek to ensure gender equality among the articles approved for publication.


1.1. Original articles and reviews (80%)

CUJ welcomes original articles and book reviews related to modern and classical German philosophy that have not been published elsewhere or submitted to other journals. This section makes up 80% of the total content of each issue.

Suppose an editorial team member submits an original article or review, and the peer reviewers approve it. In that case, only one piece or/and one review of this type will be accepted per issue.

1.2. Translations of published texts into Spanish (20%)

To promote knowledge in the Spanish language of quality texts related to modern philosophy, CUJ encourages the submission of Spanish translations. The length and style requirements of such translations follow the guidelines for publishing original articles (see here).

Each translation must have the permission of its author and the corresponding rights of the original publication.

If an editorial team member submits a Spanish translation and the reviewers subsequently approve it, only one such translation per issue will be accepted.

2. The Evaluation of Submissions

To ensure its integrity, the refereeing process for all contributions to the CUJ is double-blind: the names and institutional affiliations of authors are revealed neither to referees nor members of the Editorial Board; likewise, referees and Board members remain anonymous both to each other and to the author in each case. Without the prior permission of the Editor, referees and Board members will not be able to show other people the material supplied to them for evaluation. At least two referees have anonymously reviewed all published submissions.

The evaluation process has up to five sequential stages, as follows:

  1. preliminary vetting by a member of the Editorial Team (relevance and plagiarism control)
  2. refereeing, 1
  3. refereeing, 2
  4. scrutiny of submission and referees' reports by a member of the Editorial Team, Editorial Board, or another designated expert
  5. a final decision by the Editor-in-chief

A paper may be rejected or returned to the corresponding author for revision at any stage. Successful completion of each step will lead to the next. Authors should note that positive referees' reports are not sufficient conditions for acceptance. The Editor will make final decisions about acceptance.

When an individual associated with CUJ suggests submitting a paper, including members of the Editorial Team, all pieces submitted as articles, translations or book reviews are treated as regular contributions and double-blind refereed. Only one article, review, or translation of this type will be accepted per issue.

The Editor reserves his right not to proceed with the publication of "accepted" submissions if the author does not supply a final version in conformity with the Journal Style.

(Last update: July 2023)